Ellery Design

Alteration Service

Please be advised that the prices set out here are a guide only and will vary according to each garment. We therefore advise that you arrange an appointment with your garment for a more accurate quote. Consultations are free.

Wedding Dresses

Prices from

  • Alteration to hem £18
  • Restyling bust area of wedding gown £45
  • Addition of Straps £20

General Alterations

Prices from

  • Shorten Suit Sleeves £20
  • Shorten Trousers £15
  • Shorten hem of Day Dress £16
  • Restyling of Coats and Jackets £40

All other alterations not listed will be individually priced. The prices quoted are general and should be used for guidance only. So you can get a perfect fit it is important you bring with you the underwear and shoes you will be wearing on the day.